Bobair Media and Seminar Techs are two companies owned and operated by Robert Belland. 
Bobair Media focuses on Digital Media Publishing, such as books, online courses, and website design and hosting.
Seminar Techs is am Audio Visual company that supports and runs the tech at your live events!
Both companies are small, reliable, responsive, and affordable!

Ultimately we recognize that sometimes the tech side of your business needs can feel overwhelming and complicated, and often best left to the nerdy professionals like us.

Luckily we are tech nerds who are socially-skilled and people focused. 😊❤️

And so far our approach has worked great for our clients.  We take pride in taking care of you.
One last note… if you have an event with a focus on fundraising or you’re trying to support a cause, please connect with us! We are always looking to volunteer our services for worthy causes!
~ Robert Belland (Owner/Operator)
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